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Welcome to Golden Linde

Buy Gold and Silver online:
Your experts for gold and silver. We support and advice you on investing in precious metals.
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About Golden Linde GmbH
Since our establishment in 2021 in Mannheim, "buying gold" at Golden Linde has been more than just an investment – it's a commitment to quality and service. We have grown by consistently providing our customers with enhanced, personal, and reliable consultations.

Our product range includes exclusive investment goods from globally recognized mints and foundries.
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For Small and Large Investors

We offer tips, advice, and ideas for investing in precious metals.
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Why Golden Linde?

Zertifizierte Edelmetalle
Certified Precious Metals
Only products from leading and verified manufacturers.
Sicheres Einkaufen
Secure Shopping
Encrypted transactions and strict privacy.
Transparente Preise
Transparent Pricing
No hidden fees, clear and fair pricing.
Professionelle Beratung
Professional Advice
Expert team for individual investment consulting.
Schneller versicherter Versand
Fast Insured Shipping
Reliable and protected delivery of your values.
Umfassender Kundensupport
Comprehensive Customer Support
Quick and competent assistance for all inquiries.

Investments in Gold and Silver

Why should I invest in precious metals?

At Golden Linde, we understand that the decision to invest in precious metals is more than just a financial consideration – it's a step towards sustainable security and diversification. Historically, gold and silver have proven to be reliable "safe havens" during times of economic uncertainty. A look at the past reveals that during the financial crisis between 2007 and 2009, the S&P 500 fell by an impressive 56.8%, while gold increased in value by 25.5%.

At Golden Linde, we offer you not just the opportunity to invest in gold and silver but also the confidence that you are making an informed decision. Our expertise in precious metals and our selection of products from world-renowned mints and foundries enable you to diversify your portfolio and protect your wealth. Invest with us in a future where your wealth is not only preserved but also grows.

Why invest in physical precious metals?

Investing in physical precious metals like gold and silver at Golden Linde offers a unique opportunity to diversify your portfolio and own a piece of enduring value. Gold bars from Metalor, a globally recognized manufacturer, are especially popular among our clients, not only for their quality and resilience as a hedge against economic fluctuations but also for their recognized market value. Physical gold and silver have historically proven to be reliable protection in times of crisis, often gaining value when other asset classes weakened.

At Golden Linde, we understand that owning physical precious metals means independence from financial institutions, which can be invaluable during times of banking or currency collapse. Therefore, we offer our clients not only first-class investment products but also comprehensive consulting and secure storage options to minimize the risk of theft or damage. Invest with Golden Linde in physical gold and silver, and secure a wealth that is both stable and culturally valuable.